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Before the Breach: Securing Mobile Endpoints

Enterprises that protect their data proactively will find much more success than those who do so reactively. As mobile device deployments expand annually around the globe, businesses need to put in the proper policies and protocols before a solution can be considered.

Sacrificing Security for Productivity: The IT Dilemma

The enterprise is faced with myriad decisions, not the least of which is facing the opportunity to enhance efficiency and improve productivity by allowing for mobile device use, but at what security cost?

Enterprises Need Multifactor Authentication

Security has become such a priority in the enterprise, that any and all solutions are being considered or sought to slow the potential of a breach. The banking and finance, government, military and defense, commercial security, consumer electronics, and healthcare industries will be in need of two, three, four, and five factor authentication methods.

Case Study: Network Security Saves San Francisco Millions

The amount of data flowing through the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office is jaw dropping, and every single piece of it requires protection, lest entire cases and accused criminals be dismissed based on reasonable doubt.

What Is Ransomware, And How Can It Crush Your Enterprise?

The term ransomware has been around for decades, but most daily computer and Internet users are blissfully unaware of the term or its consequences.

Go Phish Yourself: Non-Profit Tests Employees, Improves Security

How does an enterprise ensure its employees aren’t being scammed or duped into cyber threats and understand the difference between malicious and non-malicious content? By phishing their employees and finding where the gaps are, of course. Read this case study to learn the results of the Henry M Jackson Foundation's internal phishing campaign aimed at educating employees and reducing security risks.

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